"The garden is looking wonderful, with all its new walling, steps and stone paving. Thank you very much for all your hard work over the year, together with jack's, and for all the thoughtfulness you have put into the project. "


Mrs.M, Ford

"Thank you so much for the wall repairs, it's so neat, despite the atrocious weather and the cement is the perfect colour, i just love driving past"




Mrs.H, Norton st. Phillip


"We have been looking to rebuild a wall for many years and concerned that the cost would be prohibitive given the materials and the need to match the existing walling would be a challenge. My neighbour was also looking to do the same and did a beauty parade of local builders, this produced a range of prices that required a second mortgage!The process introduced Toby and Jake, who completed the work on time and on budget, with advice and ideas along the way. I couldn't be more delighted with their work and professional aproach. 

Already booked them for the next project.


Christopher, Combe down